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Business & Marketing

Mindset Block

The Top 7 Tools to Bust thru Your Mindset Blocks and Celebrate a Successful, Profitable Biz

If you’re new to using personal development tools to get over your mindset blocks (like blocks around money or success or sales … or really anything that’s keeping you from … Read More


Improve Your Headline to Attract More of the Right Clients

When creating their own or approving copy to appear on a website, many business owners don’t consider the effectiveness of headlines. The assumption is that readers will … Read More

Increase Income

The Costly Lesson Most Learn the Hard Way

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners alike struggle to let go. They were the super employee in their corporate gig and now have perfected the craft of creating a business … Read More

quickbooks online vs. desktop, bookkeeping

QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop

Time and time again we are presented with the question from our clients, “Which is better; QuickBooks Online or the desktop version?” There is no easy answer to this query as … Read More

Personal Branding

Lay Down The Law When It Comes to knowing YOUR Personal Brand!

After participating on a panel discussion recently, one of the questions that came out of the group discussion was, what is your personal brand? Can you define it for … Read More

Google Update, Mobile Ready

Google Update: Is your website mobile friendly?

Hey, did you hear? Google recently made a HUGE announcement, "Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will … Read More

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Success & Mindset


The Myth of Indecision

Do you struggle with making decisions? This was not an area where I was challenged until some disruptive changes started happening in my life. After that, I began to second guess myself far more than … Read More

Intention, habit, entrepreneur

Intention + habit = real fulfillment

Intention and the habit of claiming it clearly daily is absolutely the most powerful way to live a happy, fulfilling life. Live an intentional life, right? But as most of us well intentioned … Read More

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Fashion & Beauty

fashion, summer, sandals, business attire

Struggling With Stressful Sandal Shopping?

Summertime and the living is easy. Maybe in June Cleaver’s day! Summertime means stressful sandal shopping! I cannot tell you how large the sandal category is in the client closet graveyard! “Why … Read More

Beauty in Eye of Beholder, fashion, style, business women

Is Beauty Really In The Eye Of The Beholder?

From my experience – that is debatable. I grew up in Rhode Island, a small state, in a small town, in a small house, with a small family, with a small dog. Both my parents worked and they worked … Read More

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Work+Life Balance

thoughts, words, inspired action, inner powers, entrepreneur

Your 3 Inner Powers

Did you know that how you step into greatness is based on three things? Yep, that's all it takes is three powers that you possess within. With these powers your past doesn't chase or control … Read More

Get more of what you want, entrepreneur, work life balance

Get More of What You Want In Your Everyday Life

Today I will discuss how we can use empowered decision making to focus on the things we choose to do or get to do instead of focusing on what we have to do or need to do. You can use this process … Read More

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Health & Wellness

gut flora, roasted tomatoe dressing, recipe, gluten free

Balancing the gut flora with food.

Back in my restaurant days, I used to wonder how doctors could eat and listen to presentations about disease while looking at snapshots of infected body parts. The mere thought of it grossed me out … Read More

SFBA_Is Your Body on Your Success Team_PHOTO 2

Is Your Body on Your Success Team?

At one level, it’s a silly question. Of course your body is on your success team. After all, you couldn’t get very far without it. The real question is, what relationship do you have with your body? … Read More

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