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Business & Marketing

Sales Call

Thrive At Sales Calls With Your Potential Clients

Having a sales call process that you use consistently and continue to upgrade with each sales conversation will have you become more and more effective at selling. Start by … Read More

Blogging, Experts, Content, Optimizing Content

How to optimize your content on social media

Content is King Information is a hot commodity. Consumers can’t get enough of it. They are drawn to it like a thirsty person is to water. Why is this? Because they want to … Read More

Anthology Book, Entrepreneur

Ever Thought of Doing An ANTHOLOGY Book?

Anthology books have been gaining in popularity ever since the success of Jack Canfield’s “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. An anthology book contains many short stories, … Read More

Chris Atley, Ideal Lifestyle

3 Steps to START Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle!

Chris Atley shares a video blog about Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle! … Read More

Wishy Washy, Sales, Entrepreneur

Are You a Wishy Washy Salesperson?

No matter what industry you're in or which products and services you sell, you have to be a salesperson in your business. Stop trying to avoid selling. I realize some of you … Read More

Sensory Branding, Five Senses, Creativity

Are You Awakening the Senses?

If you can’t tell by now (which I hope that you do), I love to create new and fun ways to engage my audience. Business should be fun and engaging. The more you keep things … Read More

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Success & Mindset


Just Say When

Many people believe feeling overwhelmed is just a natural part of being a business owner. I tend to agree as long as it’s not a constant place of being. I get overwhelmed when I have too much chaos … Read More

Holiday Stress, Managing Stress

4 Stress Management Tips: Sail Through the Holidays with Grace

Are you ready for the holiday season? Are you already feeling the stress? Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Hanukkah and Christmas are not far behind. In this article I want to talk about 4 … Read More

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Fashion & Beauty

Cyber Monday, Fashion, Style, Savings

Cyber Sleuthing for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a spin-off of Black Friday that debuted in 2005 and is the biggest online shopping day of the year. It always takes place the Monday after Black Friday, with December 1st being the … Read More

Fashion, Sweater, Stylist, Entrepreneur

Perusing For The Perfect Sweater

AKA – Not Your Mister Rogers Cardigan If you are a frequent reader you probably have heard me mention Mister Rogers’ cardigans more than once. So let me set the record straight. I loved Mister … Read More

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Work+Life Balance


3 Easy Ways to Practice Deeper Gratitude

Do you often feel you are on "auto-pilot" during the holidays, going through every day just to get to bed at night? Then the busyness begins again the next morning, and you feel like you live in … Read More

Time, Productivity, Entrepreneur

Profiling Productivity: What really works?

Everything we have or do depends on one or more of these three resources: Time Money Energy It is easy to misjudge their priority ranking because we miss an essential fact.  Only one of … Read More

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Health & Wellness

Gluten Free Chef, Chicken Soup, Health

Feel Good Chicken Soup

This is the perfect recipe to make when you’re not feeling great. Just chop everything, fill up the pot and go take nap. … Read More

Time Saving Tips, Healthy Cooking

Video Blog: Time Saving Tips

Do you want to know how to cook fresh, healthy, easy and DELISH food faster that ordering in? Watch this video, follow the steps and give your self the well deserved “ME” time. … Read More

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