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Confidence, Networking

Creating Extraordinary Confidence for Networking

The question of the hour: Can confidence really be learned or is it innate? I have done some research, but I don’t have a scientific answer. All that I have are case studies … Read More

Income Goals, Over-spending, Profitability

Are your income goals draining your bank account?

Income goals, we all have them! (or should have them…). However when you consider YOUR goal – do you find to achieve it you are constantly investing in: Self … Read More


5 Essential Steps to an Effective Sponsorship

I had the best time sponsoring David Neagle's Accelerate Live event last week! Here is a picture of me at my table – the money tree was a BIG hit! What is your strategy to … Read More

Business Funeral, Success

How a funeral can help you be a success

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re in a room filled with people. You can see them, but they can’t see you. Some people you recognize and some you don’t. Every one is quiet and … Read More

Promote Events, Hashtag, Social Media, Entrepreneur

Hot Tips to Promote Your Women’s Events and Retreats Through Social Media

Here is a list of hot tips to promote your women’s workshops, conferences or retreats through social media for more visibility, buzz and derrieres in chairs. Twitter Hot … Read More

Book Promotion, List Building

Double Whammy: Book Promo’s AND List Building All At the Same Time!

Once you have written and published your book, your work has only just begun. Consistent and never-ending promotion is the key to driving sales, visibility, and relevance in … Read More

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Success & Mindset

Sales Plan, 2015, Success

Sales Plan 2015 – Start Preparing NOW!

It’s getting to be that time of year when many business owners begin thinking about their sales plan for the upcoming year. Whether you’ve written one in the past or if this is your first time, I have … Read More

Influence of virtual world, strangers, social media, internet

Bringing the virtual world home…

Our lives are enriched everyday by people we have never met in person.  Whether through on-line classrooms, forums, social media or just by reading the stories of incredible people leading … Read More

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Fashion & Beauty

Fashion, Sweater, Stylist, Entrepreneur

Perusing For The Perfect Sweater

AKA – Not Your Mister Rogers Cardigan If you are a frequent reader you probably have heard me mention Mister Rogers’ cardigans more than once. So let me set the record straight. I loved Mister … Read More

Fashion, Savings, Target,

How To Dress Well and Save More

Have you been paying attention to Target? In the world of stylish, label conscious women, Target is often considered ‘less’ than worthy. Perhaps the big red circle only makes it’s way to your … Read More

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Work+Life Balance

Change, Relationships, Dating, Relationship Coach

If You Love Me, You’ll Change

When I coach women, I hear this more often than I’d like… and men are no stranger to saying it. “If you love me, you’ll change.” Have you ever said or thought that? I sure have. I’d like to … Read More

Intentional, Action, Financial Success, Investment

Fungus Amongus?

You hope your investments are doing ok.   You’ve owned those mutual funds since you were in 8th grade. Your mutual funds have a little hair on them.   Maybe a little fungus.  Or a little bit of … Read More

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Health & Wellness

Gluten Free Chef, Chicken Soup, Health

Feel Good Chicken Soup

This is the perfect recipe to make when you’re not feeling great. Just chop everything, fill up the pot and go take nap. … Read More

Time Saving Tips, Healthy Cooking

Video Blog: Time Saving Tips

Do you want to know how to cook fresh, healthy, easy and DELISH food faster that ordering in? Watch this video, follow the steps and give your self the well deserved “ME” time. … Read More

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