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Business & Marketing

Creative Confidence, Boost Creativity, Six Hats Technique, entrepreneur

Day 3 of How to Boost Creative Confidence: Try on Many Hats!

First, let me say that I love hats and I wish I had more opportunities to where fun, glamorous hats. Hats can definitely inspire creativity in more ways than one but the hats … Read More


Conferences and Networking Events: The Time Wasters

As a Networking Strategist, I would obviously never say that you are wasting your time networking. However, if you do not have a post-networking plan, you should save your … Read More

Undercharging, entrepreneur

Recover From Undercharging In Your Business

9 out of 10 clients that come to me for coaching need a total pricing overhaul for their business. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are notorious for undercharging and … Read More

Brand trust, entrepreneur, marketing

Brand Trust: Does Your Audience Trust You?

Think about that one person you call your true friend; that person that is there for you no matter. I would venture to guess that you built this trust over time by seeing how … Read More

Brand, Video, Strategy

The 4 Pillars of Stellar Video Marketing

Your Brilliant Brand is the rocket fuel to a sizzling successful business. Get this right and it all starts to align authentically, your clarity, your confidence and your cash … Read More

QuickBooks Online

Using QuickBooks Online Software

Are you planning on using (or have you already paid for) QuickBooks Online but don’t feel comfortable enough to get started? I want to share some tips on how to navigate … Read More

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Success & Mindset

Community, List size, entrepreneur

Help! My List is Too Small and Joint Venture Partners/Affiliates Won’t Promote Me

This is actually the first of a 2-part series with part 2 coming out tomorrow (which is called: “No List? No Problem — 5 Creative Ways to Attract Top Joint Venture/Affiliate Partners Without a … Read More

Personal Inviting, events, entrepreneur

Less Impersonal Promotion and More Personal Inviting

Are you great at promotion still you are having difficulty getting clients or getting people to your events? If so you might be embracing a common misperception that too many women in business are … Read More

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Fashion & Beauty

summer jackets, style, travel

Stylish Jackets For Summer Adventures

Summer travels – what adventures await you? I recently unplugged for two days engaging in a mandatory migration after an incidental finding. Mandatory migration-the process or act of migrating, … Read More

Sunglasses, style, fashion

Savvy Sunglass Shopping

You may remember, if you are a loyal reader, that one month ago I took a direct hit to the eye with a tennis ball. Enough said about that. Last week I went in for my second round of what I termed … Read More

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Work+Life Balance

favorite things

A few of my favorite things (antidotes) in life..

One of my favorite scenes from the classic movie “The Sound of Music” features Maria (Julie Andrews) sharing her wisdom with the children about how to handle life when you are frightened, hurt or sad. … Read More

Negative Chatter, Negative thoughts, positive thoughts, entrepreneur

Eliminating the Chatter in Your Head … 5 Steps

This is a constant process for me. Overcoming my chatter. I don’t know about you, but I’m just keeping it real. See, what I know is that on most days it’s just me. I’m the one sitting in my office … Read More

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Health & Wellness

celiac disease, gluten sensitive, gluten free, health

It’s Celiac awareness month. Are you a Celiac, or a Non-celiac gluten sensitive?

Celiac disease is the result of gluten sensitivity when it affects the GI system and damages the intestinal lining or the villi. Unfortunately, to have a positive diagnosis as a celiac, it requires … Read More

Health, Tranformation,

How Improving Your Health Improves Your Bottom Line

Imagine living healthier and increasing your bottom line so that you can have more time and money freedom to do the things you love to do? As a wellness coach for women in their fifties, I hear it … Read More

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