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focus, competition

Stop Worrying About Your Competition And Focus On Your Business

We live in a time when we have instant access to virtually any type of information we want. While this may be a convenience when we’re searching for a new recipe, it can be … Read More

Highly Paid Expert

Want a Tip on Becoming a Highly Paid Expert?

I just wanted to take a few minutes today to share a quick tip on becoming a highly paid expert. I know many of you reading this ARE experts — you just may wish you were … Read More

PCI Compliance, credit card processing

PCI Compliance: What Is It and What Does It Mean

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is adherence to a set of specific security standards that were developed to protect cardholder information during and after a financial … Read More

objections, sales, success

How To Handle Objections In Sales

The majority of sales professionals believe that objections are a bad thing; but they’re actually not. If a prospective client voices an objection, that’s actually a good … Read More

time management

Prioritizing Your Time as an Entrepreneur for Success

One of the biggest things that stops entrepreneurs from seeing more success and profits in your business is the lack of time management. It’s not easy to figure out how to … Read More

Using Stories in your marketing

3 Keys to Using Stories in Your Marketing

One of the fastest, easiest ways to get your ideal clients and prospects engaged with your marketing is to start using stories. People love stories, in all forms. Plus, … Read More

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Success & Mindset

Play big even when feeling small

How to Play Big Even When You’re Feeling Small

During this short video I am going to explain How to Play Big Even When You're Feeling Small. Many of my clients and the members of the community have expressed how painful and challenging it can … Read More

start with yes

Always Start With Yes!

As a strategist, one of the key areas where I work with clients is on saying no: How to say it, when to say it, why to say it. Michael E. Porter of the Harvard Business Review has even been quoted as … Read More

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Fashion & Beauty

style Tips I learned from my mother

4 Style Lessons I Learned From My Mother

I am blessed to say that my Mom, at 82 years old, is still healthy (as much as can be expected at 82), happy (routines make her smile) and stylish (simple and neat). Both my parents worked as … Read More

summer clothes, fashion, style

Do You Hate Your Summer Clothes?

It’s bound to happen. The weather will change, you will have to pull out something to wear other than your yellow polka dot bikini, and the words “I have nothing to wear” will echo through the … Read More

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Work+Life Balance

work life balance myth

Debunking the Work Life Balance Myth

Is Work Life Balance Possible? I don't think so! I was at a workshop last year called “The Courage to Lead.” The workshop was based on the teachings of Parker Palmer. I’m a huge fan of his work, and … Read More


Do Decisions Bog You Down? Ask These Questions For An Easy Yes Or No

Women are faced with hundreds of choices every day, some easy and some that require more careful analysis. Unfortunately, we often get bogged down with decision making and we stall out while we worry … Read More

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Health & Wellness

Artificial Sweetners

“ALL of approved artificial sweeteners are safe!” Really?

I find the latest mushrooming of articles on how healthy artificial sugars are for you quite disturbing! There seems to be a push by the artificial sugar companies to present their toxic product as … Read More

Peel Eggs, Chef Varouj

Learn How To Peel Eggs in Seconds!

I just wanted to share a quick video with you and hopefully save you some time. We all struggle to peel eggs. This quick trick might even make it fun for the kids. … Read More

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