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Background Checks, entrepreneurs, hiring

Performing Background Checks on Employees

Hiring the wrong candidate can impact your business. One way to find out a bit more about the trustworthiness of applicants is to perform background checks. Do I need to … Read More

Images, Social Media

Grab their Attention with Images

The Simple Steps of Telling Your Story on Social Media thru Images You have Heard it • Seen It • Experienced It and probably agree; IMAGES are Easier and Faster to … Read More

Sales Mistakes

3 Deadly Sales Mistakes to Avoid in Sales!

Summer time is a great time for taking a step back and reflecting on life and business. And this summer has been no exception. Over the past few years I have been able to grow … Read More


Ten Ways to Motivate Your Employees

As you grow your business, salaries will become your biggest expense unless you learn to motivate, engage and get the absolute best out of your employees. Do each of your … Read More

sales call

Thrive At Sales Calls With a Potential Clients

Have a sales call process that you continue to track, evaluate and continue to upgrade with each call you become more and more effective. Start by acknowledging the prospect … Read More

Success, Fun, Dance, Entrepreneur

Dance Your Way to Success!

I’m reminded of how easy things can happen when you feel good. I love hearing a great song on the radio. The one by Robin Thicke – who would have thought? - really gets me … Read More

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Success & Mindset

Feeling Stuck, goals, Entrepreneur

Feeling Stuck? 9 Questions That Can Help

There are times we want to move forward on an important goal or idea but for some reason we just can’t seem to get started.  We want to take the first step but something is holding us back.  When we … Read More

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Fashion & Beauty

Wardrobe, style, storage

My Empty Nest Is A Mess

What’s living in your nest? Different species of birds use different materials to build their nests. Some use twigs, sticks, weeds, spider webs, lichens, insect cocoons, feathers, moss and even … Read More

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Work+Life Balance

Prayer, Success, Parenting, Entrepreneur

I’m a MomPRAYneur!

I deeply believe that FAITH is one of the main ingredients to succeed at anything.I always call myself an EntrePRAYneur or a MomPRAYneur. My 8 years as a single mom are mostly a blur because I truly … Read More

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Health & Wellness

Banana Bread, Grain Free, Gluten Free, Paleo

Paleo (Grain Free) Banana Bread

One of my staple sweets was banana bread when I was in college and then living in New York City. The deli on First Ave that I lived above would actually give me their old bananas and butter to make … Read More

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