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4 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

A dollar and a dream Most entrepreneurs have a dream. Some of them are able to turn that dream into reality with passion, drive,  a lot of blood, sweat, tears and financial … Read More

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Birth your brand. Inspire the world. Make an IMPACT.

Have you seen all the publicity around Arianna Huffington's new book, THRIVE? I encourage you not only buy the book, but go onto YouTube and watch her interviews. She's … Read More

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Are You Ready for Money & Freedom in Your Business?

Really, are you finally ready to take the bull by the horns and get the results you have been wanting. Earn the money you want to earn, have the freedom you want in your … Read More

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Are You using # Hashtags?

It seems that for many, Hashtags continue to be confusing and so I thought it might be helpful to include an overview here. As research shows they can double … Read More


The Dance of Death for Small Businesses

It’s not pretty, but I see it all the time. Small businesses relying on one primary customer, one source of income or one key sales person (sometimes themselves) is an almost … Read More

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How Are You Showing-Up?

I was out of the office earlier this week learning from my mentor in Hilton Head. It was a gorgeous setting for transformation. One of the lessons that really stood out for me … Read More

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Success & Mindset



When I was in the corporate world I worked with some incredible people, but the particular company I worked for we had a lot of transition. Not necessarily turnover but transition, many people moved … Read More

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Changing the World One Handbag at a Time

I recently sat on a panel at Boston University through the 85 Broads series and met some amazing entrepreneurial women that I would love to introduce you to! Not only was I inspired by their passion … Read More

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Work+Life Balance

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Are You Settling?

Yes, I’m talking to you… This is a quick reminder to take an inventory of your life: Are you doing the business, or in the job, of your dreams? If not, stop settling and go find something that … Read More

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I’m Back In the Saddle Again!

The last few weeks have been ‘interesting’, and as I mentioned before, I was cocooning for a bit. However, after spending a week at CEO Space, a business growth organization, where I serve as one of … Read More

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