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Business & Marketing

Visual Marketing

5 Reasons why Visual Marketing Plans Work

In today's post I want to share how to create a different type of visual marketing plan and why I think it will help you have more success in your business. There are five … Read More

payment systems

New Payment Systems for Businesses

In my last post I began to discuss payment systems and focused on Apple Pay. Today we are going to go over the differences between other payment systems. Amazon’s Local … Read More

7 Critical Marketing Areas, Success

7 Critical Marketing Areas You Need To Have In Place To Be Successful

In business, there are 7 critical areas of marketing every business must have in place. Think of it as your “Marketing Wheel.” And in order to have your business run smoother, … Read More

negative, toxic people, stress

4 Smart Tips to Deal With Negative, Toxic People

It is so important to surround yourself with amazing, positive people on a day-to-day basis. If you want to be your best, I totally believe you must surround yourself with the … Read More

Brand, Branding mistakes

4 Branding Mistakes That You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way

When you are trying to put together your brand, or your business as it may be; you just want things to run like a Swiss watch. In a marketplace that’s as noisy as Times Square … Read More


Why Isn’t My eBook Selling?

So many coaches out there preach that you need to have products in the back of the room to sell for residual income. And I agree with them BUT only when you’re ready or … Read More

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Success & Mindset

Window of Opportunity, Ending of Story, results

Windows of Opportunity: Are you grabbing them?

You’ve either experienced it personally or seen it in a movie or on television. The patient’s odds for recovery aren’t really known. The doctor tells the family that the next 24 hours will tell the … Read More

Decision, Entrepreneur, Action, Urgency

The Power of Decision

Is there something you really want to achieve/do/have? Yet do you find yourself waiting “until”? Until you get the money Until you lose the weight Until you get a different job Until your … Read More

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Fashion & Beauty

fashion, Doreen Dove

How Much Time Do You Waste Getting Dressed?

How does she do it? Ever wonder how some women just seem to get it? They just seem to always look put together? Do you think you are the only one with a Monday morning discard pile that faces you … Read More

Denim, style, fashion

Denim Is Suffering From The Blues

And the decline is being driven by women! 99% of the female population is wearing those stupid black stretch pants (aka LuluLemons) 24/7 instead of a basic pair of jeans! It’s amazing, stand in any … Read More

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Work+Life Balance

self care

Is It Hard To Put You First

Do you find this to be true… that it’s more familiar to figure out how to serve clients and help family and friends, and not as familiar to put yourself first (and feel absolutely excited about it!!) … Read More

Stress, De-stress

Stress slowly (Part 2)

Why is it so important that you know yourself if you are trying to identify, manage, and eliminate stress?  It is crucial because if you don’t know yourself you may be choosing a strategy that helps … Read More

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Health & Wellness

Chef Varouj, Culinary Creator, Compound Butter

Compound Butter Video Blog from Chef Varouj

Stop! You need to watch this video before you make your next meal. PREP, is the most essential step in any professional kitchen as well as home kitchens. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to … Read More

Meditation, Brain, Health Benefits

Can Meditation Keep Your Brain Young?

As we age, our brain’s lose weight and volume. These changes may start to occur in people as early as their mid to late 20s. Previous research has shown that people who meditate tend to lose less … Read More

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