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Why Aren’t You Growing Your Money?

Are you looking for an investment plan for your future? Watch this video -   Click Here for More Information Important Disclosures: These blogs are … Read More

Words, Positive Mom, Entrepreneur

The Most Important Words In Business

In business, and really in all walks of life, words are crucial because effective, clear, and positive communication is an essential cornerstone of any relationship. We can … Read More


Are You Happy? Like, Really Happy?

I had a great time being an exhibitor at both the San Diego and Orange County ewomen meetings this week! It was awesome to connect with new business owners and a pleasant … Read More

Company Structure, Entrepreneur, Small Business

Picking a Tax-Friendly Company Structure

Small businesses have many factors to consider when selecting a company structure, and the different taxes required from each business setup are no small matter. Here are the … Read More

Six Figure, Entrpreneur

The Myth Of A 6 Figure Business

If you are like most entrepreneurs I know and work with, this is a very common goal that I hear many times over. When I start asking questions and dig a bit deeper, I … Read More

Pinterest, Entrepreneur, Events and Retreats

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Women’s Events and Retreats

Pinterest is a fabulous way to attract women to your events and retreats. Women love Pinterest and women love to get together, and that is where you come in with your … Read More

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My Favorite Time Of Year

I guess it’s a good thing I live in Southern California, where the weather seasons are pretty non-existent, because the only season that I really look forward to every year is football season. I … Read More

Land, Cultivate, Entrepreneur, Life

Live Today Like You Want Tomorrow To Be

In his teachings, Earl Nightingale talked about each of us being like farmers and compared our lives to a plot of land.  It is up to us to cultivate that land, to plant the seeds, to weather the … Read More

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Fashion & Beauty

Fashion, shoes

How To Shop For Booties

How often have you coveted a pair of boots, felt sassy as you pranced around the slippery carpet in the shoe department, couldn’t wait to get them home, and then, damn, are these the same boots I … Read More

handbag, fashion

How To Buy The Perfect Handbag

When was the last time you performed a bag assessment? A purse is more than an accessory – it is a statement, an investment, and a daily companion. Seriously, what do you hold more often than your … Read More

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Work+Life Balance

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She got clear. Less than 24 hours guess what happened?

This is for real. No kidding. This week my client came to me eagerly wanting to get her focus back; she felt scattered and ungrounded with her goals and revenues. INTENTION: After accessing her … Read More

Let Go, Relationships

Let It Go and Move On

I posted the following on Facebook recently: “Often when a relationship ends badly, there is a propensity to focus on your former partner with thoughts like, “they’ll never find anyone like me, or … Read More

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Health & Wellness

Stress, Health, Sugar, Weight

How Stressed Are You?

If you were to rate your stress levels on a 1-10 scale, what’s your stress level right now? Stress is a foundation of our body systems. It has allowed us to survive as a species for centuries. … Read More

Sleep, Health, Weight Management

The Best Way to Burn Calories in Bed

Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not what you’re thinking! You burn more calories during a good night of 7-9 hours of sleep than any other time of the day. And that’s not all. Many studies have shown … Read More

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