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CowIf you’re ready to get some cash in your company then The Cash Cow Sales Funnel article may be exactly what you’re looking for to generate extraordinary sales results!  I’m a bottom line gal and the bottom line is if you’re not making money you’re not actually in business in fact you may have the going out of business business plan!  As a hands on business coach that simply isn’t an option I ever accept so check out how to get cash in your company – quickly!

This quote from Peter Drucker sums up my outlook on business brilliantly “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”  We can easily get distracted in our business and spend our time on activities that are not brining in customers.

No matter the industry or country we work in the one common denominator is – we all need a constant stream of prospects and the ability to instantly convert those prospects to buyers.

Here are 2 super successful steps to transform your empty funnel into one full of qualified prospects. Honestly quality is more important than quantity – a funnel full of people who really are not interested or not qualified to buy is worse than no sales funnel at all because you waste valuable time with non buyers!

Step 1 – Help me help you… maximize referrals out of your existing contact base

Go to the low hanging fruit first.  Those who have done business with you in the past are more likely to buy from you again.  In fact it’s a 2:1 success ratio!   You have a 25:1 success ratio of gaining brand new customers. We need both but it’s easy to see where to go first!

There’s also a group of social contacts you have that know, like and trust you who want to see you be successful.  These contacts are more than happy to send business your way but only can when they clearly understand what you do.

Yes, it seems basic but how many times have your friends or even family, told you they have no idea what you do for work? Your contacts need to be able to explain to others what you do before they can refer business your way.

Here’s the key point when you are educating existing and new prospects 90% of what you say must provide outcome – meaning the benefits and results clients receive from working with you.

Brain storm a list of what you hear your clients saying of the reasons they do business with you:

  • I saved 20%
  • My investment made 18% more than anywhere else
  • I saved a ton of time and money
  • We sold our house in only 5 days

When educating your clients provide positive outcomes others gained from working with you:

“The Smith’s house in 5 days, and we bumped up their original price by 10%.  Not only did they get more money it was a huge time saver and relief not having to show the house for months on end!”

People buy results, outcomes, benefits – and they want people proof – others who had great results.

Think of celebrity endorsements, its people proof – and based on the celeb’s behavior can either boost your sales or take you down! You have the same power with telling prospects the successful results you deliver.

Step 2 – if no one knows you’re “kind of a big deal” you’re not networking in the right places!

Networking is a great way to fill the funnel however, some networking events are not worth the gas in your car to get there.  We’ve all been to them – people pass out cards to each other then never follow up. It’s called “Follow up Failure” – yes truly and I’ll write about it next time around.

Check out this out, if you’ve felt this way, the next networking secret is for you! Get ready to have qualified prospects approaching you!

  • know your friends are perfect prospects but feel awkward approaching them so instead you let them approach you – which they don’t
  • don’t want to come across as pushy when trying to develop prospects and end up with nothing
  • have a hard time overcoming the objection and give up after the first no
  • at best are getting a polite or indifferent response to your offering

Proven fact – your business will grow with qualified prospects / buyers when you simply speak to interested groups.  For every 5 people 1 on average will approach me after the presentation interested in working with our company.

There are literally hundreds of networking groups, associations, buyers in your field of expertise who are looking for speakers.  When you deliver a presentation based heavily on outcome qualified prospects will find you.  Selling to qualified prospects is a joy compared to trying to convince someone they need what you’re selling.

By giving presentations packed with interesting statistics and valuable information; including the success others are having your close ratio will skyrocket!

If you have limited funds this is an excellent way to build qualified prospects in your funnel for FREE – if you have limited time you’re maximizing your efforts by presenting to hundreds of people instead of one on one this leaves MORE TIME for you!

Afterward this you won’t point out “you’re kind of a big deal” they’ll already know!

Wishing you success & happiness!



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  1. Gillian Pritchett says:

    So true especially what you say about the real live networking events. But in terms of following up – I only follow up with people that are good contacts either for me or my business contacts. My little trick is to go to networking events with a jacket with two pockets – one has my biz cards and the other one is for other people’s biz cards. As I put a biz card in my pocket I bend the corner if it’s someone that I wouldn’t want to have as a contact – usually people that talked all about themselves and never once asked what I do !!
    Hope this comment helps some of your readers !