Monetize Your Business by Speaking: What You Need to Have Ready to Go for Any Opportunity

Speaking is one of the least expensive, most effective marketing strategies you can do in your business.  If you’re already speaking then great, what I’m sharing in this article could be a good reminder for you.

If you are not speaking yet, then why not?  Are you afraid of speaking or getting in front of an audience?  Are you unsure of what to speak about or to whom or saying to yourself “who would care about what I have to say?”

Regardless of what you do in business you may want to consider speaking.  Speaking allows you to be the expert in front of your prospects and peers.  It gives you instant credibility and trust with the audience.  And it speeds up the buying process when someone likes, trusts and is able to connect with you personally.

One of the biggest mistakes I see many speakers making however, is that they are rarely ever prepared for opportunities that may arise at any time.

Being prepared as a speaker will get you into more doors, position yourself as a professional to the people booking you to speak and it will allow you less stress and freedom to take advantage of all kinds of opportunities whenever they come up.

Here are a few things you want to make sure you have prepared:

  1. Professional speaker sheet – with your bio and/or introduction and your talk title and description at the very least.  You can add references, additional talk descriptions and places you’ve spoken too if you like and you have.
  2. Professional head shot – easily downloadable from your website or emailable
  3. One to five (max) talk topics and descriptions – you can have more than one if it makes sense for your business and what you speak on are all complimentary to some extent.  If you’re just starting out, start with one signature talk however to make your life easier.
  1. Cover letter or email prewritten and ready to go – include all attachments and information someone would need to decide whether they want to book you as a speaker or guest
  2. (Optional) Page on your website talking about you as a speaker – include your talk titles, places you’ve spoken, possibly videos of you speaking and more information someone looking for a speaker could download easily on their own.

Choosing the right signature talk you’d think is the easy part, however it can be the most crucial part of this whole equation, especially if you want to monetize your talk and your time.

You need to prepare what you’ll talk on based on what action you ultimately want the audience to take with you.  Do you want them to sign up for your free newsletter?  Buy your book or product?  Register for your event?

It’s important that you reverse engineer your talk based on what you want the audience to buy or sign up for.  This is crucial and another big mistake I see many speakers making.  They give a great talk then tag on a pitch to sell something totally different to the end and it feels like a sales pitch.  Not good.


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