Is Change Stressing you?

Change, stress, women, entrepreneurToday I am looking at 2015 and 2014.  Amazing how change is a constant in our lives and yet, so many people prefer not to have to deal with change.  It’s also interesting because of how much we embrace change when we are small and then, almost out of the blue, we get upset just at the thought of moving a chair in our room.

This means that the thought of stress can be quite a stressor for many people – just the thought.  Of course, some changes are monumental and some are unpredictable, while others are smaller in nature but almost as intimidating.

So, this afternoon when getting ready to write and looking at scheduling phone calls and video recordings I realized that my voice completely gone!

So … change was the first thing on the menu for today.

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4 Smart Tips to Be More Efficient – Get More Done in Your Day

Focus, Efficient, Entrepreneur, Work Life BalanceWe’ve all got a million things that we need to do. If you’re like me, some days you are totally on your game, no extra motivation is necessary, you feel like you can take on the world! And then… there are the days that you can’t get going; you never do get focused and don’t get much of anything done.

With so much to do in a day’s time, it’s important to focus and appropriately schedule how you get things done.

So whether it’s work related stuff, home projects or other things, here are 4 smart tips to be more efficient and get more done!

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Get Down & Dirty and De-clutter!

It’s really hard to get clear on what you want to do with your business if you have lots of “stuff” taking up room in your life. This can range from clutter in your home, office and mind :)

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Top 3 Home-Life Design Tips for Your Home: How to create a happy, healthy home for your kids

A Dirty RoomLiving in a home that gives my heart joy is my daily mission. My home has not always provided me the joy I desired; but please allow me to share with you how I came to understand my passion of a joyful, loving home.

The day I realized my kids were affected by my habitual clutter creation was the day I decided to STOP THE INSANITY and take control of my home for me and my children’s sake. What happened was this; they walked into our living room filled with clothes, books, toys, furniture, people (okay they can’t get rid of us yet), and dust! Oh boy will their drooping faces be imbedded in my mind forever.

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Let It Go…Six Ways For Keeping What’s in Your Office From Owning You

Organized OfficeWho’s in charge…you or the equipment and supplies in your home office? Take a few minutes to figure out how much time, money and emotion you waste on equipment, reference materials and information you no longer use. When you’re finished doing this quick analysis, it should be easier for you to throw out, recycle or better yet, donate anything you don’t need.

  1. Remove all dinosaurs. Are you using out-of-date equipment or old versions of computer programs? Determine how much time you’re wasting using slow and inadequate equipment, and programs with limited capabilities. Computer prices drop daily, so determine if your time is worth investing in a new desktop or laptop. The money you’re saving by not buying new equipment may be costing you in lost time and productivity.
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