Email Management/Sorting

email inboxDo you feel like the hamster and the wheel is your email inbox? That no matter what you do you can never seem to catch up?

There are some quick and easy sorting techniques you can use to de-clutter your inbox and not miss anything.

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How Organized Are You?

The way you organize your home office can affect your productivity. You can take time to schedule your days, but if you can’t find what you need to accomplish tasks, you’re wasting time. Take this test to figure out where you need help.

1.  Do you spend time looking for lost items every day?
2.  Are your files overflowing with papers you haven’t seen since you’ve filed them?
3.  Do you use more than one calendar?
4.  Is your desk covered with little scraps of paper?
5.  Do you have stacks of magazines older than six months in your office?
6.  Do you use a to-do list?
7.  Do you keep papers and other stuff you never use?
8.  Is your workspace free of stacks of paper?

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Let It Go…Six Ways For Keeping What’s in Your Office From Owning You

Organized OfficeWho’s in charge…you or the equipment and supplies in your home office? Take a few minutes to figure out how much time, money and emotion you waste on equipment, reference materials and information you no longer use. When you’re finished doing this quick analysis, it should be easier for you to throw out, recycle or better yet, donate anything you don’t need.

  1. Remove all dinosaurs. Are you using out-of-date equipment or old versions of computer programs? Determine how much time you’re wasting using slow and inadequate equipment, and programs with limited capabilities. Computer prices drop daily, so determine if your time is worth investing in a new desktop or laptop. The money you’re saving by not buying new equipment may be costing you in lost time and productivity.
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