What I Learned From Ali Brown and SHINE

Ali Brown has been a mentor of mine for a few years now.  I began by following her on social media and reading her ezine (after all, she was the “Ezine Queen”) and then I attended SHINE in 2010.

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What one Thing can Make Your Business Image Pop?

Want to shine in your business?  Want to gets lots of positive attention?  Want to get you and your business noticed?  Then all you have to do is 1 simple thing….Wear a bold color near your face!

I must say this a hundred times a week, and yet I’m still surprised at how many women show up to do business looking…well, blah.  Remember that you are in business to make money.  Part of making money and attracting people to you and to your brand is to stand out from all the competition out there.  Yes black clothing can be classic and thinning.  But it’s also AGING!  Unless it fits with your brand, you don’t want to look like an old and out of touch business woman.

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Cathy Alessandra Named Finalist

I am excited to announce Publisher Cathy Alessandra has been named one of the six finalists in Ali Brown’s MPC Excellence Awards for SHINE 2011! Cathy will be joined on stage with 5 other amazing women as they share their stories of success with the 600+ attendees.  SHINE 2011 will be held in Dallas, Texas November 2-4.  Click here for event details!