Change … have you noticed?

changeThere’s so much change all the time and still so many don’t like change… isn’t amazing that the one constant in all our lives is the one thing so many don’t appreciate or try to run away from? And of course, the argument is that they like things to be constant …interesting paradox.

Nothing ever stays the same and Mother Nature, once again shows that to us so beautifully these days… every day is different, weather predictions are … just that … predictions and more often than not these days here in MD they are not quite met by Mother Nature….

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How are you recognizing YOUR team?

recognition, team, entrepreneurIn the world we live in one of the questions I have encountered a lot is: does recognition matter? But more, what is recognition, do we need it and, if so, which type of recognition matters?

Recognition is an area in our businesses that we need to address, in our lives in general actually. Does it matter that you are or are not recognized?

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10 Keys to Engaging Your Audience – and have a lasting impact

Engaging Your AudienceThere are many philosophies, ideas, perspectives, and more out there advising us on what it means to be a good speaker and how to be one. You can train and learn all the “right” things and still you may not connect with the audience. Some of us are naturally born speakers, others are not but they can learn, and others are just not comfortable speaking in front of people. We all are different and our audiences and individual participants are always different. This means that our speaking needs to take that into account IF we truly want to connect with, engage, and impact our audience.

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Stress slowly (Part 2)

Stress, De-stressWhy is it so important that you know yourself if you are trying to identify, manage, and eliminate stress?  It is crucial because if you don’t know yourself you may be choosing a strategy that helps others, possibly thousands of other people, but that cannot work for you because you are YOU.  For some people I work with physical exercise is the answer to stress relief.  They go to the gym or biking.  Others go to the shooting range.  These are great options as they get the adrenalin going (one of the physical reactions of your body to stress) and thus you immediately eliminate the stress.  Yet, the results may be temporary only and I have seen people who have become almost obsessed with physical exercise as a way to not feel stress thus actually just covering up the root cause in their own way; meaning they avoid the real issue, which most of the time is based in a fear of knowing themselves.

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Stress slowly (Part 1)

stressSlowly, slowly, slowly ….

Stress can kill you – from the inside out and often we are not even aware that we are stressed until it is too late.  So what can we do?  How can we identify stress? And most importantly, how can we eliminate it?

As easy as the initial answers may appear or as easy as we may wish them to be: they are not. Everyone experiences stress to some degree, at some level, at some point in time.  However, when stress becomes that truly dangerous part of your life where it is “eating away” at you most literally that is where we need to start focusing.  It is also quite often the case that others will alert us to our stress level while we may be unaware of it or truly denying it already.

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Patterns 101- Why do you do what you do?

Patterns, Patterns of Behavior, Goals, successPatterns over patterns over patterns …. Not the ones in clothing, not the ones in art, not the ones in … but the ones in our lives.

Yes, we all have patterns and some of those are great. They help us move forward towards our goals. But some of them are not so great in moving us forward, they are actually keeping us right where we are, if they don’t push us further away from our goals.

Patterns, or behaviors if you prefer are what we need to take a close look at if we are wondering why we are not where we’d like to be or if we are not sure where we would like to be.

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Fear: Helpful or Hindering? (part 2)

Fear, overcome fear, mindset, success, entrepreneurJust recently I had a marvelous demonstration of fear, I believe (and I may be wrong).  This was the fear of growing, evolving, and most of all the fear of collaborating and accepting help.  It’s almost funny to see but much more it’s sad, to me.

Here was a person who has achieved a lot, paved the way for many, and this person was afraid.  It felt better for this person to stick to the current knowledge and skill level, the current level of not receiving than to be open minded and overcome the limitations of the mind and social conditioning.

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En”vision” 2015 (encore….)

Vison boardOn my way home from the “ICE” Extravaganza at the Gaylord National Convention realized that I needed to write something to help jump start 2015 for everyone.  I feel strongly about this because I know many will be in the process of making “resolutions” again …

One thing that I have learned about and begun to teach about in more specific ways is the Law of Attraction.  It can be very intriguing when you begin to really pay attention and become aware of your thoughts and how negative they often are.  The amazing part about the Law of Attraction is that is always works and always delivers: oops… think about that and take a look around at what you have…

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Smart Women Use Speaking to Grow Their Business

Speaking, grow your business, entrepreneur, Smart WomenA few weeks ago, I took some time to evaluate where most of my clients come from and the two areas where I consistently receive highly qualified clients are referrals from happy clients and public speaking. It’s essential that you spend your valuable time doing the things that consistently bring you the clients that you love to work with. This week, I’m going to focus on public speaking as I get many questions from Smart Women on this topic.

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Smart Women Answer Their Call

Calling, Change, Women EntrepreneurNo, I’m not talking about your cell phone or the phone in your home or office. All the women in my Success Circles know that I don’t believe in picking up the phone every time it rings. I do believe in listening to my messages and returning calls and emails within a reasonable time period. I’m talking about answering your call—the call that is unique only to you.

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