Why Does Teamwork Elude at Times?

We are so taken with teams that are successful.  In sports it is shown often as fans will support their teams til the end.  Even when the team doesn’t always win there will be cheering and support, watching of games, following athletes, and buying of all kinds of sport gear with the loved team’s name on it.  It’s great that people get so passionate about their teams.

So what happens when we swtitch that to business teams?  Is this really so different?  Any group of people that have come together to go after the same understood goal is a team.  Well almost.  The key is that the goal is understood by all, that there is a commitment from each team member, along with direction and support from a leader.

But how amazing would it be if people loved to go to work because they had ideas used, they were praised, they were noticed, and the job they did was cared about.  Having value would translate to the way the customer was handled immediately.  I believe people want to work and make a difference.

So just maybe it’s not so different a sports team and a business team.  Fan are appreciated by sports teams and so should the customers be shown appreciation by business.  Players are shown appreciation on sports teams and employees at business should be shown this too.  And the cutomers?  Well that is what it is all about.  I’m sure when they see an amazing team it is something to be remembered.


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